District Chickmagalur                 

State : Karnataka

Organisational Setup

Department of Agriculture

Joint Director of Agriculture

A.D Chickmagalur A.D. Mudigere A.D. Koppa A.D. Sringeri A.D Tarikere A.D Kadur A.D N.R.Pura D.D.A     DATC Lingadahalli A.o.      Soil Health Center, Chikmagalur Seed Farm Lingadahalli

Major Schemes Implemented :-

1. Seed Farm Development    Program

The main objective of the Seed Farm is to produce foundation seeds of important crops from the breeder seeds obtained from the research stations of Agriculture Universities.  Foundation seeds produced in the seed farms are procured by KSSCA and further multiplied as certified seeds in the fields of registered growers.  Thus seed farms acts as an important link in the seed production chain.

2. Plant Protection Scheme

This scheme envisages the crop protection measures and the food grains storage techniques by providing subsidy to plant protection chemicals, sprayers and storage pesticides.

3. Centrally Sponsored Schemes on Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and mini kits

The main aim of these scheme is to encourage the production of  cereals, pulses and oil seeds by providing subsidy to seeds, impliments, sprinklers, sprayers, chemicals and conducting demonstration, training and distribution of mini kits.

4. Fairs, Exhibitions and Farm information

New Technologies innovated at the Universities will be transmitted to the farmers by conducting fairs and exhibitions, through newspapers, radio and pamphlets. Farmers tour are also conducted to expose the farmers for latest agriculture technology.

5. Special Component Plan

Under this scheme crop production technology will be demonstrated in the fields of scheduled class people.

6. Organic Farming, Popularisation of biofertilisers and enriched compost development.

Owing to indiscriminate application of land protection, chemicals and fertiliser, health of the soil, human being, animals and echo system gets affected.  By knowing the hazardous effects of  inorganic farming, the department is giving more importance on organic farming.  Department is encouraging the farmers to adopt organic farming by conducting trainings, farmer's tour, subsidised distribution of Bio-fertilisers, green manure seeds, construction of compost units etc. Organic farming village programme and Organic Mission programmes are being implemented in the district to encourage the farmers to adopt organic farming in large scale.

7. Agriculture Mechanisation

Under this scheme subsidy of Rs.50000/- given for purchase of power tillers Rs.25000/- for crushers,

8. Micro Irrigation

To increase the area under irrigation and for the judicial use of available water for crops sprinklersets are being supplied to farmers at 75% subsidy.

9. Seed Supply

Seed is one of the major components in boosting of the production of crops. Hence good quality of seeds are being supplied to farmers at 50% subsidy.