District : Chikmagalur                 

State : Karnataka


    From he initiation of the research station, several varieties in Cardamom and paddy, which are suitable under topographical situations of hill zone, have been developed. Apart from these, important packages to maximise the yield, resistant to biotic and abiotic factors for different crops of hill zone have been developed by the research station.    The salient findings of research carried out at the Regional Research Station, Mudigere are summarised as under 


1). Crop Improvement-New Varieties :

2). Crop Protection :

3). Crop Management :


1). Crop Improvement-New Varieties :

    A few Paddy varieties have been released for the Paddy growers in the region :

  1. INTAN : An high yielding variety released during 1974 with medium duration, suitable for low land situations but susceptible to blast disease.

  2. IET-7191 : The medium duration, high yielding, blast tolerant rice variety was released during 1987 for midlands of hills zone. This variety is tolerant to Blast disease.

  3. KHP-2 (IR-10781) : The medium duration, high yielding, blast tolerant to blast variety, released during 1990, for the midlands of hill zone. This variety is also tolerant to blast disease.

  4. CTH-1 (MUKTHI) : It was released in 1992, as an high yielding, early duration rice varieties for late planting and for upland conditions, tolerant to blast disease.

  5. Hemavathi (DWR-4107) : A high yielding, long duration blast and temprary submergence tolerance rice variety was released during 1994 for low lands of hill zone.

  6. KHRS-26 (KHP-5) : A high yielding, blast tolerant, semi tall, medium duration rice veriety was released in 1998 as a substitute to Karna, Jaya and G 318 in uplnad for direct sowing situations of hill zone.

  7. Sharavathi (IR-57773) : A long duration (175-180 days), tall (135-140cm), non-lodging, blast and temporary submergence tolerant, bold and red kernelled rice variety suitable for par bioling purpose was identified for release  during 2001 as a suppliment to Hemavathi in low lands of hill zone.

  8. IET 13901 : A medium duration, semi tall, blast tolerant rice variety, identified for farm trials during Kharif 2000 in mid land situations of hill zone.

 2). Crop Protection :

 3). Improved Crop Management Practices :

4). Research on other crops :