District : Chickmagalur                 

State : Karnataka

Nirmal Karnataka (Rural Sanitation)

The status of sanitation normally indicates the health condition of people living in the society. State government has given top priority to develop enviornmental sanitation and health communication strategies.Since 1994-95 the rural sanitation scheme was planned and since 2nd october 1995 the same scheme is implemented as Nirmal Grama Yojana in the state. It is planned to cover 30% [20 lakh Families] in the state under this scheme by 2000 on subsidy pattern.

 People who are below poverty line and desires of having individual household latrines with subsidy component shall be given priority.Identification of beneficiaries shall be done by grma panchayats. Public Institutions such as Schools, hostels,PHC's , Anganwadis can also avail the benefits of this scheme.

Progress Report