District : Chickmagalur                 

State : Karnataka

Western Ghat Development Programme

Western Ghat Development Programme(WGDP) is being implemented in 5 taluka's of Malnad Region in Chickmagalur District. These talukas are





  NarasimhaRaja Pura

    An important aspect of Western Ghat Development Programme in Chikmagalur  is that major works in Social Forestry, Soil Conservation, Horticulture, Sericulture and Spices board sector have been undertaken on a watershed basis, with an integrated approach.

    An action plan for 2003-04 keeping in view of the objectives and guidelines of Western Ghat Development Programme, with a view of maintaining ecological balance  through eco-restoration, eco-preservation and eco-development.

While selecting the scheme in each sector, the following objective have been kept in view

    Hence adequate funds have been provided for the year 2003-2004  for eco-development of the region by implementing the programmes in the sectors viz.,  Social Forestry and Soil Conservation (including flood control and creation of potential irrigation), which helps in water conservations, increases water table which leaded to green revolution, and helps even in summers season to get water facilities to the western ghat people, domestic and wild animals during summer. It also prevents soil erosion.

    Stress has been given to sectors like Social Forestry, Horticulture and Spices Board,  it is made possible to provide income generating activities to the poor people of Western ghat region, to increase their income earning level which rises their standard of living.