District : Chickmagalur                 

State : Karnataka

Functions of the Zilla Panchayath

The Zilla Panchayat shall perform the function specified in Schedule III, namely :


  1. Establishment of health centers in including maternity centers so as to cover the entire population within five years, as per the norms laid down by the Government

  2. Construction of underground water recharge structures to ensure availability of water in the drinking water wells

  3. Prevention of drilling of irrigation bore wells in the vicinity of drinking water wells to ensure adequate drinking water especially in lean season.

  4. Drawing up a plan for social forestry development in each taluk and spending not less than such percentage of the district       Plan allocation every year as may be specified by the Government from time to time.


The Zilla Panchayath shall have powers to do all acts necessary for or incidental to, the carrying out of the functions entrusted or delegated to it and, in particular, and without prejudice to the foregoing powers, to exercise all powers specified under this Act.

Subject to general or special orders of the government, the Zilla Panchayath may


Power to Divert /  Discontinue or Close Road :-


Functions of Taluk Panchayath

The Taluk Panchayath shall perform the functions specified in Schedule - II, namely :

  1. Construction and augmentation of water supply works to the level of not less than forty litters per capita per day

  2. Filing half yearly report regarding the activities of Gram Panchayats within the taluk regarding :

    • Holding of Gram Sabha

    • Maintenance of Water supply works

    • Construction of individual and community latrine

    • Collection and revision of taxes rates and fees

    • Payment of electricity charges

    • Enrollment in schools

    • Progress of immunisation

  3. Providing adequate number of class rooms and maintaining primary school buildings in proper condition including water supply and sanction

  4. Acquiring land for locating the manure pits away from the dwelling houses in the villages.  

Function of the Gram Panchayat

The Gram Panchayat shall perform the functions specified in schedule I, namely :

  1. Providing sanitary latrines to not less than ten per cent of the households every year and achieve full coverage as possible

  2. Constructing adequate number of community latrines for the use of men and women and maintaining them

  3. Maintaining water supply works either on its own or by annual contract by generating adequate resources

  4. Revision and collection taxes, rates and fees periodically which are livable under the Act:

  5. Ensuring universal enrollment of children in primary school

  6. Achieving universal immunisation of children.

  7. Ensuring prompt registration and reporting of births and deaths

  8. Providing sanction and proper drainage

  9. Construction repair and maintenance of public streets

  10. Removing encroachments on public streets or public places

  11. Providing adequate number of street lights and paying electricity charges regularly

  12. Filling up in sanitary depressions and reclaiming unhealthy localities

  13. Destruction of rabid and ownerless dogs

  14. Maintenance of all community   assets vested in it

  15. Maintenance of records relating to population census, crop census, cattle census, census of unemployed persons and persons below poverty line

  16. Earmarking places away from the dwelling houses for dumping refuse and manure

  1. The Gram Panchayat may also make provision for carrying out within the panchayat area any other work or measure which is likely to promote the health, safety, education comfort, convenience or social or economic well being of the inhabitants of the Panchayat area.

  2. The Gram Panchayat may, by a resolution, passed at its meeting and supported by two-thirds of its total number of members and with the prior approval of the Taluk –Panchayat, -